Hardship Waiver Poor College Students


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INTERCOLLEGIATE ATHLETICS FEE; MIDWESTERN STATE UNIVERSITY.JoinIn order to meet these guidelines a family must fill out the full fee waiver form and attach the proper documentation.

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Before imposing any increase or increases in tuition or mandatory attendance fee amount, or both, established according to the provisions of this Subparagraph, each management board shall establish criteria for waivers of such increase or increases in cases of financial hardship.

The governing board is not required to offer a tuition reduction under this section to all institutions of higher education under its governance or to all degree programs offered at an institution of higher education under its governance.

These guidelines jointly developed by a tuition; assigned under this page on making people did but certain lenders in a statement explaining your credit hours.

In order to be eligible to receive support from the Angel Fund, students must be in Academic Good Standing, as defined by the UND Academic Catalog, and not on Conduct Probation, as defined by the UND Code of Student Life.


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The board shall provide for administering the assets of the fund and establishing and administering the accounts of purchasers under prepaid tuition contracts.

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