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God created the universe and gave us the gift of life, it also tells us why His rescue plan for the human race necessitated His arrival in our world as a human being, and His cruel death under Pontius Pilate.

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God also showed through you that He allowed you to experience suffering leading to the fleshly need for worldly desires to try to fill the void.

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Why are religious people attempting to impose their personal principles on AA when the literature specifically says they must not? Should be clear and atheism is. But all of that changed when a woman at an AA meeting challenged his disbelief with one, simple question.

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Have we just found another? Incredibly, she had asked her mother to track me down to invite me to her wedding which was the very next day.

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He laid the structure of the argument out clearly so you could see the logic, and the evidence presented to support the premises of his arguments, openly and systematically. It was that simple.

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