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WITH CITY DEBT POLICYIn the event there are proposed exceptions from the Debt Policy when a certain bond issue is structured, those exceptions will be discussed in the applicable staff reports when the bond issue is docketed for City Council consideration.

The selection of the financing team and the role of the various consultants are discussed in Chapter VII. The ratio of zero percent of a mutual fund of collateralized mortgage obligations refunding bonds that is. This agreement will not mortgage obligations may be earned on any fiduciary capacity of original approval. A bond has no collateral to back it other than the issuer's taxing power.

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When would the issuer be likely to initiate a refunding call 7-9 If a company sold bonds when interest rates were relatively high and the issue is callable then the company could sell a new issue of low-yielding securities if and when interest rates drop.

Privately held corporations with the public purpose to reduce the cost of capital for certain borrowing sectors. Preferred stock usually has no voting rights and frequently has a mandatory or optional redemption provision. Increases in interest rate.

If the stock price is below the conversion price, then the option only has time value, making the convertible bond only a little more valuable than the straight bond.

Most convertibles are issued deep out of the money, so the stock would have to appreciate considerably before it would be profitable to convert.

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