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Seller may make any disclosure to the extent it is required to do so to comply with any securities laws or stock exchange regulations.


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Knowledge of Seller, threatened by or on behalf of any Business Employee, representative, consultant, or independent contractor against Seller relating to his or her employment with, or the performance of services for, Seller.


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Title VII lawsuit alleging race discrimination.

Carolina Mattress Guild Inc. Cook omits crucial language from these quotes. The official record of a trial, hearing, deposition, or other legal proceeding. There are for a wholesale elimination of reference should consider is assumed liabilities to. MBE Center and the financial obligations of both parties.


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To allot; to ration; to assign. District Court, District of Connecticut, Case No. The electronic transmission of the document to the department was defective. This review included companies of various sizes and from a wide variety of industries.


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Hirsch, Litigation Release No. The transfer of property from one person to another. An act of a legislature creating a corporation and setting forth its franchise; also, a document defining the organization of a corporation.


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To be a tenant of another. Commanding; something that must be done; mandatory. Common ownership certificate of this duty of liabilities or warehouse facilities. Each party may strike one of the names on the list, and the remaining person will serve as the arbitrator. Defendant was liable based upon products liability and negligence.


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Nonetheless, to do so seems to provide further evidence of the confusion in the case law and the need for empirical examination.

The only duties and obligations of the Parties under this Agreement are as specifically set forth in this Agreement, and no other duties or obligations shall be implied in fact, Law or equity, or under any principle of fiduciary obligation.


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Resolution Period, the Closing Working Capital reflected in the Closing Statement with such changes as may have been previously agreed in writing by Buyer and Seller, shall be final and binding on the parties hereto.

For example, many trusts for a surviving spouse provide that all income must be paid to that spouse, but only pay the spouse principal in limited circumstances, such as a medical emergency. An award to a plaintiff beyond actual possible loss. Disinterested Directors, insurance or other financial arrangements or otherwise. The fiduciary also must value financial assets, including bank and securities accounts.


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The merger or share exchange does not discharge that prior interest holder liability with respect to any interest holder liabilities that arose before the merger or share exchange becomes effective.

Whatever the merits of this debate, most courts grant auditors special protection when scienter is at issue.

Neither the Acquired Company nor the Share Selling Affiliate is required under the Laws of its jurisdiction of organization to file for bankruptcy, insolvency or dissolution.


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The majority opinion in Anspec Co. Failure to pay a debt, according to an agreement. If the primary beneficiary is dead, the gift goes to an alternate beneficiary. Accordingly, the decision held that the Agency failed to take prompt action to meet its affirmative defense. First, PSC asserts that to burden it with such liability is unfair.

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If the pharmacy is a qualified provider to one or more state Medicaid programs, then it needs to verify that it has the requisite active Medicaid provider numbers.


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Pioneer management will receive additional training on its responsibilities under Title VII; be required to immediately report complaints to the human resources department; create a centralized system to track complaints; and be held accountable for failing to take appropriate action.

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Private Litigation One important area of note in the cybersecurity arena is the challenge of private litigation against companies for failure to provide for proper cybersecurity governance. Law, and any agreement to give any of the foregoing. United States generally accepted accounting principles in effect from time to time. The resignation does not affect contractual rights that the corporation has against the agent or that the agent has against the corporation. Even professional fiduciaries, such as trust companies, receive complaints from time to time. Shareholder approval of a merger or share exchange in connection with a tender offer. The seeking of assistance and help.

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Company from liability only to the extent of such prejudice; nor will such omission relieve the Company from any liability which it may have to Indemnitee otherwise than under this Agreement. Workforce Planning Manager in Buffalo, New York. See more force: sample complaint assumed liabilities of predecessor corporation. Interrogatories by department; other powers of department.

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Party or its Affiliates, officers, directors, members or stockholders, other than liability of a Party for any Willful Breach of this Agreement by such Party occurring prior to such termination. The Ramirez court recognized that liability, as well as the philosophy of spreading the risk to society at large for cost of injuries resulting from the wrong, have been fully embraced in New Jersey. Property held by someone other than the owner, such as a trustee or an agent. An individual or trust company that holds legal title to property for the benefit of another and acts according to the terms of the trust. Defendant was liable based upon negligence, strict liability, and breach of warranty. Crusher to the employer, asserting claims of design defect.

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Likewise, if the pharmacy provides products to members of a managed care organization, a significant piece of business could be lost if the managed care organization cancels its contract. District Court to deny the motion to intervene. Securities Act, for alleged misrepresentation in primary market for securities. Sellers and the Sellers bear a percentage of such costs and expenses equal to the percentage of the contested amount awarded to the Buyer. Tax Return or for any Tax Contest or other examination or Proceeding relating to Taxes. Defendant moved for summary judgment on a variety of claims.